Its Time to Take Our Kids Back

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Life Full Circle v02

After the tragedy in my home town of Hampton, VA., this week on Life Full Circle Radio, we are going to talk about how the men are going to take our kids back. I purposely didn’t say “Take our streets back.” Why? Because our worlds are so much bigger than the streets. Unfortunately…many of us don’t know it.

Obviously this epidemic is bigger than the tragedy in VA. There were over 500 murders in Chicago last year,  according to the under 25% of the black males in Jacksonville, FL are graduating high school, and 3 out of 4 black kids are born out of wedlock.

Where did we go wrong? And the ultimate question is…what are we going to do about it? A group of men in Hampton are taking this issue head on...

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Seriouside: OJ Simpson, U.S. Debt Down, Redskins Name Change

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6005_595563110462774_262748729_n[1]Welcome to the Seriouside of the J Ril Show.  This morning, we will be discussing the following topics:

1ST SEGMENT:  NEW TRIAL FOR OJ?  In October of 2008, OJ  Simpson was found guilty of Robbery in a Las Vegas Courtroom.  He was sentenced to 9 – 22 years.  Was it a fair trial and should OJ be granted a new one?

2ND SEGMENT:  U.S. DEBT ON THE WAY DOWN:  According to the CBO, the U.S. Debt is on its way down, but why haven’t we heard anything from the GOP?

3RD SEGMENT:  WHAT’S IN A NAME?:  The Washington Redskins is being challenged in a court of law to change its name.  Daniel Snyder (the owner) has vowed that he would never change the name.  Who is right or wrong in this matter?

All this and more on the Seriouside of the J Ril Show!  To participate in the discuss...

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The J Ril Show: Technology… What can you live without?

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TJRS 5-18-13Saturday is a day of laughter!!! Saturday is a day comedy…annnnnnd you can get it right here!!! Tonight:  If you had to live without one piece of technology, what would it be?  Plus “Jay’s Bump You” Song and a whole lot more.  It is the J Ril Show on WCWK Radio!!!

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